The Top Blockchain Events of 2018

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are changing the world at an ever-increasing pace.

With the advent of Bitcoin, the blockchain was introduced to the world.

The blockchain is often considered to be one of the most significant tech findings of the 21st century.

To educate, collaborate, and involve the masses about the latest trends in this cryptocurrency and blockchain space, many events get organized every year.


Typically the agenda of such events is to explore opportunities and discuss various use cases across different industry verticals. Such events also give a platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain industry leaders to meet up and exchange ideas.

These events are also for blockchainers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts like us where we can give ourselves the first-hand experience of witnessing the latest trends of this industry.

So if you want to meet and collaborate with keynote speakers and professional of this industry, blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences are the place to be.

That’s why I have made a list of what I think are the hottest conferences to go to in 2018.

In next days we Will post the Top 10 Upcoming Blockchain Events/Conferences

Today start with TOKEN 2049


Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong, India – March 20-21, 2018
$999 -$1,999

TOKEN2049 is the premier event for decision makers in the global crypto ecosystem to connect, exchange ideas, and shape the industry. Learn about the future of the token-based economy and the possible impacts on industry and society. Be the first to know about market-moving news, new partnerships and product launches.

With over 1000 attendees, TOKEN2049 is an unrivaled global meeting place for like-minded entrepreneurs, industry insiders, investors, and those interested in how the token-based economy will transform their business and live.

Speaker details: Bringing together some of the leading voices in the crypto space, the TOKEN2049 speaker line-up includes: Martin Köppelman, CEO of Gnosis; Max Kordek, President of Lisk; Daria Generalova, Co-Founder of ICO Box etc see here more details.

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