Important statement FXtrade.

Token delivery to those who were part of our first rounds. congratulations to each of our founding partners and participants in the preico stage, we have been working hard to meet the expectations in the development of fxtrade. Valuable people have joined our global development team. And to our customer service team. In order to have a better relationship with our participants. Thanks for trusting us. The next days. You will see quite a bit of activity on our social channels like Twitter. Facebook and Telegram around our project. Which you will find their respective links in each official release, We invite you to be aware and following every movement and news that Fxtrade brings to your near future. We are close to the second period of the year and the challenges to come are great. We want to inform all our investors and future investors that will be part of this wonderful journey towards a better solution in the global trade world. That will be the delivery of the respective cards of those who have participated in the first two stages of our launch. The date scheduled for the delivery of chips will be reflected in our official page, being the one ICO that will make the delivery of their tokens before finishing the final stage of rounds. The myetherwallet section will be enabled and we invite you to provide your address where the respective deposit of your purchase will be made. If you do not have a myetherwallet address yet. We invite you to create it. Because this will be the way by which you can be a part of the great benefits that fxtrade for your near future. Likewise, we invite you to participate actively in our social channels, sharing your referral link. In order to add commissions in Fxtrade which will be reflected in your backoffice desk. Not being more of this this communication we invite you to be attentive to the releases to come. We provide for our common success. Fxtrade team.

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