Fxtrade, thank you for your patience and wait for news in the development of our long-range business project, today we want to give a more detailed explanation of the evolution and procedures of our system. Initially, the fxtrade project was created on the basis of that strong moment of the lending program, which was soon aborted, unexpected hacking of our main token account and finally the brutal descent of bitcoin and the altcoins affected us greatly. way, for other projects called scam or fraud it would be easy to end the project but we are a company and we have come to stay, to take the currency to a very high position and carry out a serious project.
During this stage of total silence from us we have been looking for solutions and today we have great news for you, our partners who have had us and we with you, the family fxtrade (community) together with the operating system has been acquired by a giant in the cryptocurrency industry with experience in launching large ICOS projects and crownfounding worldwide, the total migration of the system is being made to the new administration which will seek in record time to go through the last stages for the great launch of the community that has also merged with other similar projects.
Now, what will be the advantages of this system? new methodology, logistics with greater efficiency, new injection of capital, which guarantees the stabilization of a project of this magnitude, new systematization in the processes and even more the streamlining of the long awaited exit to the public market of cryptocurrencies.
Additional advantages will be the payment of rewards, the stabilization of trust through a passive income in the same currency and altcoins and the competitive advantage of being able to unite a larger community which, as we all know, is a primary factor in the time of the valorization in the market.
Dear community, our purpose started this program has been genuine and is to seek to bring our currency to the market but that this is backed by a real long-term project, equally bring our community to a valuation in your portfolios and be a high-level project to if we continue to project it, we give our community a part of tranquility and the certainty that we will reach that end.
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